Jean Abou Samra's home page (version française)

Welcome to my home page, where you can mostly find information on how to contact me.


My email address is

My phone number is . To communicate via instant messages, my favorite app is Signal (rather than Whatsapp).


I currently live in a student residence on the “Plateau de Saclay”, south of Paris. My family home is in Saint-Martin-d'Hères, near Grenoble (also in France).

My name

I am occasionally asked whether I should be called “Jean” or “Jean Abou”. I am simply “Jean”. If this helps, think “Jean van Samra” and replace “van” with “Abou”.


If you wish to contact me while guaranteeing privacy, you can send me an email encrypted with my public GPG key. Emails I send (as well as Git commits I make) are all GPG-signed.

This picture is my avatar on most websites. It is a painting by Franz Marc entitled Waldinneres mit Vogel (“Forest inside with bird”), dated 1912.